Advanced Marketing

Reasons Why Marketing Is Necessary For Your Business

Mobile app marketing is such an exceptional way of connecting to your intended audience in an effective way every time. It is no more news that quite a number of people cannot survive without a mobile phone today. What will you do if you realized that your cell phone was missing now? I guess that you will go on an immediate search for it, after a minor panic attack.

However, the primary problem of an app store in the hot mobile app space today is lack of discoverability despite the fact that no product can succeed without exposure, no matter how great is such a product. Users must know your product or service before they can patronize it. This is why it is increasingly incumbent on publishers and developers to market their stuff as soon as it is fully launched. This is where app promotion will make the difference.

The major reason why mobile app marketing is necessary is that it will expose your apps to the entire world and get it discovered. Your app needs to do more than to just exist, going by the number of apps in the apps stores today, if you want it to sell. This type of app advertising will create awareness that will make people download your app.

Benefits of Mobile App Marketing:

Targeted Marketing:

Mobile marketing offers you the opportunity of targeting REAL potential customers, unlike other forms of advertisement that target many people. For the fact that you are not spending money on reaching people that are unlikely to make a purchase of your products or hire your services, you will save cost on advertising.

Personalized Communication:

Marketing Tips 3Personalized communication is one of the greatest reasons why mobile app marketing campaign is necessary to the marketers. You are giving your audience a feel of personal attention by sending messages to their mobile phones. It has been established that any form of personalized marketing is much more efficient than general marketing strategy.

High Response Rates:

Another reason why mobile app marketing is necessary is that it has high response rates. As a matter of fact, the average response rates for mobile marketing campaigns are about 15 percent. This is about five times higher than the average email marketing campaign. Higher response rates denote a higher Return on Investment (ROI) for you marketing budget.

Simple to Track and Tweak:

With technological development and advancement, you can easily track and tweak mobile marketing. As a matter of fact, you will be able to track the number of people that opened your message and the number of people that acted on your messages in most cases. Is it possible for you to track any of this with Yellow pages or newspaper ad?


This method of advertising services, products and ideas is newly discovered. For this reason, there are still a lot to explore about it. In order to expand its reach and create more preferences for this type of marketing, people think of potential schemes and original designs that are suited for the mobile advertising.

It is very difficult to make a service or product stand out against others, with more than one million apps available in the app stores. However, with mobile app marketing, your target audience gets your message about what your business is all about, who you are and the types of products that are available immediately and they can act on it.